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Bulgarian River Shipping Flag

Johnin International Industrial Ltd | Updated: Aug 14, 2017

Bulgarian River Shipping or Параходство българско речно плаване - is an inland shipping company established at Ruse or Rousse on the Danube, N. Bulgaria. Website, 

From the ‘Company Profile’ (top or left menu) we learn that the firm was founded in 1935 and originally named Coastal River Navigation (Речно крайбрежно плаване) till 1940 when the fleet was composed of bulk vessels (including refrigerated ones), passengers ships, a ferry, tugs, and barges. After WWII the fleet would expand to eventually comprise over three hundred vessels of various kinds now also including tankers, roll-on roll off ships, etc.  BRS’s current area of activity is the Danube and connected waterways between the Black Sea and the Rhine.  Besides the main office there are seven local offices in neighbouring countries.

BRS offers waterway transportation including container traffic, ferries, etc.; multimodal transportation; freighting and chartering; and agency services.  The ‘Fleet’ page presents a number of vessels and the central composite photo on the last row (clickable) shows a tiny drawing of the house flag – a white field bearing a light blue saltire and, in the centre, a coat of arms with an anchor. The link to current company “arms”, also in evidence on the company website (background of ‘Contacts’ page; with a foul anchor, heading of website):. Within a blue shield outline are placed blue waves on which appears a blue anchor, fimbriated; a blue shield bears the company initials “BRP” in Cyrillic script: “БРП”.  The tiny flag picture linked to shows the outline, the anchor, and the initials in black. I have not yet seen a photo but a version found on the Dutch ‘Binnenvaart’ site, surely older, shows a black outline and anchor, red waves, and a green chief bearing white initials.  This choice of colours is not so odd if we recall the national flag.

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